Department Phonebook

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Lastsort descending First Title Location Phone E-mail Web
Hajiaghayi Mohammad Professor
Jack and Rita G. Minker Professor
3249 52741 hajiagha [at] (email) link
Hamidzadeh Babak Affiliate Associate Professor B0116A Mckeldin Library 40409 babak1 [at] (email)
Hand Emily emhand [at] (email)
Hannenhalli Sridhar Affiliate Associate Professor 3104G Bio 58219 sridhar [at] (email)
Harvey Katura PhD Candidate katura [at] (email)
He Liang PhD Candidate lianghe [at] (email) link
He Da Master's Candidate dahe [at] (email)
He Hua PhD Candidate huah [at] (email) link
Herman Larry Lecturer 3211 52762 larry [at] (email)
Herwig Stephen PhD Candidate smherwig [at] (email)
Hicks Michael Professor 3417 AV Williams Building 52710 mwh [at] (email) link
Hietala Kesha PhD Candidate khietala [at] (email)
Holden Todd Asst. Director of Communications AVW 4137 56338 holden [at] (email)
Hollingsworth Jeffrey K. Professor 4155 AVW 52708 hollings [at] (email) link
Hong Jonggi jhong12 [at] (email) link
Hong Sanghyun PhD Candidate shhong [at] (email) link
Horton Jennifer Academic Advisor 1113 52894 jhorton [at] (email)
Horty John Affiliate Professor horty [at] (email)
Huang Furong Assistant Professor furongh [at] (email)
Huang Di-Wei PhD Candidate AVW 3136 dwh [at] (email) link
Huang Hai Visting Assistant Research Scientist haihuang [at] (email)
Hugue Michelle Lecturer 1109A 53012 meesh [at] (email) link
Hung Shih-Han PhD Candidate shung [at] (email)