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Last First Title Location Phone E-mail Web
Maddali Hanuma Teja PhD Candidate email
Assaf Magen Magen Assaf PhD Candidate email homepage
Sana Malik Malik Sana PhD Candidate email homepage
Meethu Malu Malu Meethu PhD Candidate HCIL email homepage
Anwar Mamat Mamat Anwar Lecturer AVW 3259 52696 email homepage
Varun Manjunatha Manjunatha Varun PhD Candidate email homepage
Dinesh Manocha Manocha Dinesh Professor
Paul Chrisman Iribe Professor of Computer Science and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
3249 52741 email
Mao Yi Master's Candidate email
Richard Marciano Marciano Richard Affiliate Professor HBK 4120J, South Wing (301) 314-0281 email
Rahmatri Mardiko Mardiko Rahmatri PhD Candidate email homepage
Mariano Ben Master's Candidate email
Michael Marsh Marsh Michael Visiting Research Scientist 3441 AVW 57445
Keith Marzullo Marzullo Keith Affiliate Professor 4105 Hornbake Library 301-405-2033 email homepage
Matthew Mauriello Mauriello Matthew PhD Candidate email homepage
Maxey Christopher PhD Candidate email
Michael Maynord Maynord Michael PhD Candidate email
Michelle Mazurek Mazurek Michelle Assistant Professor AVW 3421 56463 email homepage
McDaniel Marguerite Master's Candidate email
Sharron McElroy McElroy Sharron Associate Director of Business & Finance 4171 58699 email
McKay Alexandra Master's Candidate email
Atif Memon Memon Atif Professor 4113 53071 email homepage
Alex Memory Memory Alex PhD Candidate email
Meshry Moustafa PhD Candidate email
Hui Miao Miao Hui PhD Candidate email homepage
Kristopher Micinski Micinski Kristopher PhD Candidate email homepage
Raymond Miller Miller Raymond Professor Emeritus 3229 52675 email homepage
Carl Miller Miller Carl Adjunct Assistant Professor 3102 Atlantic Bldg. (301) 405-7367 email homepage
Leslie Milton Milton Leslie PhD Candidate email homepage
Jack Minker Minker Jack Professor Emeritus 3231 52676 email homepage
Anton Mitrokhin Mitrokhin Anton PhD Candidate 4470 AVW email
Moll Jesse email
Jayanta Mondal Mondal Jayanta PhD Candidate email homepage
John Morgan Morgan John PhD Candidate email
Motakef Pouya Master's Candidate email
David Mount Mount David Professor
Associate Chair of Undergraduate Education
3373 52704 email homepage